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Realm Elite Fitness


At Realm our goal is to bring the most elite level gym to Orlando. We aim to provide the gold standard of fitness to you through mixed modality, high intensity, functional workouts.

Unlike other gyms, you are more than just a number; at Realm we want to help you reach your goals while creating a meaningful bond through friendship and community.


Our main focus at Realm Elite Fitness is functional training because of the proven benefits. With an emphasis on mobility, strength, and conditioning, the benefits of functional training differ from other workouts because of the way it targets your body.


Give your workout more variety than ever with our accessories, from warmup to cooldown. Increase your body’s capacities every day, from stability to mobility, from power to speed.


Inovation + Motivation = Results

We are a hybrid gym and training facility. We have clean, state of the art facilities with the most knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge training methods. We offer open gym, team training, group classes, and personal training.

Together we



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